The University

We were most fortunate in being invited to speak daily at the Donetsk Institute. Olga, a Christian English professor was the person who made this possible. With 15 English professors, there was no lack of invitations to speak to the students.


Our introductions would always start with life in America. This would be followed by two Christian testimonies and then another person would present the gospel using the four spiritual laws as an illustration. Finally an invitation to invite Jesus into their life would be given. This simple format, used repeatedly in classrooms, hospitals, prisons, a conference on political science, a large shoe manufacturer, and more was used of God to convict hearts and draw many into his glorious kingdom.

Over 200 students responded to our invitation to two banquets given their honor at our hotel. They were delighted to have the public gatherings. Though the banquets were intended to be informal, many especially the girls, dressed as though they were going to a prom. In all our travels, we had never experienced such excitement and openness.


As follow up after our events and visits, each evening students (the new Christians) attended classes designed to provide a foundation teaching for their new life in Christ. Classes were held at the hotel. None of us will ever forget the eagerness expressed by many as they asked many questions and began to read their new Ukrainian or Russian bibles.


One day at the institute, the three teams of Americans were asked by the students to hurry to another classroom. There we were surprised by a group of students who had prepared party in our honor. The girls had made many different desserts and greeted us with beautiful smiles. The more we worked with them the more we were humbled by knowing that the Ukrainian people are very gracious.


One young man, a newborn Christian, secretly passed a note that said. Simply, “We love you.”