When I was a young boy, around eight years old, my best friend and I loved to play together in the woods behind our homes in Worcester, Massachusetts. We would climb trees, pick berries, and just be what kids were meant to be.

On one occasion my friend, Buddy, brought along a new game we could play. It was somewhat like checkers. It wasn’t long before we found a open and comfortable playing area in the woods and the contest was on.

It was a beautiful summer morning, but things were about to change. A loud “Bang!” rang out and simultaneously something zipped through my hair. I looked at Buddy, he didn’t speak.

“Well, I’ll find out,” I thought to myself. As I stood up another loud “Bang!” rang out and again I felt something part my hair. Now I was frightened.

Standing about 25 feet away was a middle-aged man who began swearing at me. He demanded I come to him as he kept his .22 rifle aimed at me. As I approached him he screamed, “You stupid idiot! What are you doing? I thought you were a white rabbit! Get out of here and never come back!”

As I recall, we both ran for our lives.

Was I at fault? No, not unless it was it was a crime to inherit my beautiful white hair from my Swedish ancestors!

It’s those memories we can look back on to see God’s protection on our lives. Though I didn’t know it at the time, He had more in store for me. Thank you Jesus!

– Wesley Peterson