Over 15 years ago, with much urging of family and friends, my Dad began writing. He was at a point in his life when reflection was paramount. He had served in the church for nearly two thirds of his life in various forms and had recently retired from full time ministry. We who know him best had lived through these many extraordinary experiences and to be part of them has been a true privilege. We all felt that these events, that Dad championed via the grace of God, should be documented. That way in turn it could be shared with the world.

For my siblings and I, Pr. Wes has always been Dad first. While watching him as pastor; speaking from the pulpit, leading weddings and funerals, praying for people, and many late night meetings, he was still Dad doing pastor work. To so many others though, Wes is Pastor. I cannot tell you how many times we siblings still get asked the questions, “How is Pr. Wes doing?” or “You know, it must have been wonderful being the son or daughter of Pr. Wes.” or “Your Father is such a brilliant man, I love him so very much.”

The truth is yes, it has been wonderful. My Dad is the most loving and caring man, you will ever meet. He has a very special ability to empathize with what you are going through. He listens and answers one through scripture. His leaning on God for all of life’s triumphs and struggles was a permanent example of living in faith for many others and me.

If there is one thing I have learned from Dad, it is that there is always time for God. In almost every conversation through life, when it came to the important decisions or down to the simplest of frustrations, he would always end our talks with, “Can I pray for you?” This example if keeping a two-way conversation continually open with God has helped me immensely in life.

All of that being said, I (Bill) with my sister Debbie and brothers David and Steve, have all agreed that it is time Dad’s stories be brought to you, the reader. A book idea had been in the works for years with much of the writing completed. However, if you know anything about the level of effort to going through the publishing process and all the headaches that accompany it, creating a simple blog seemed the better option. We all agreed that a weekly publication of Dad’s notes, essays, stories, devotions, and sermon notes would be an easy and fun way to share such a fascinating history.

Some of the stories are detailed, while some are extremely brief. What is refreshing is that you will find one common theme throughout, and that is Dad’s direct connection to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dad has lived his life with a total dependence on Jesus, and continually gives full credit to his Savior… if only we all did.

As editor of the writings, I am making little to no edits to their original form. One major exception is the word “story” replacing with the word “blog” where appropriate. I might as well make your reading application specific.

So to begin, below is Pr. Wes’ personal introduction. Enjoy.

– Bill Peterson


This blog is composed of personal testimonies, sermons, devotions and other notes from myself that have accrued over my life. The stories are told as I experienced them and are completely true. However, because of the passage of time and human frailties much cannot be corroborated, simply because many who experienced these events with me have passed this earthly realm. Some would say, “why bother?” It’s a fair question. Documentation validation in it’s diverse forms, especially in this day and age, is often the best and sometimes only safeguard one can have.

Conversely, would that mean that all personal testimonies from a Christian should be rejected in the absence of documentation?

Think about it.

The New Testament church thrived on personal accounts and trust of their fellow believers. It was the testimonies from one to another that led thousands to give their lives to Christ.

“…and the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”
Acts 2:47

So as you read, keep your heart open. God waits ever so patiently to commune with you. Don’t miss an opportunity to sup with Him for lack of faith.

– Wesley Peterson